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Welcome my dear, I really wish to offer my care to you even in English. So, I made this short page with list of my service. I will be glad, if you will go through whole websites, enjoy the photos..

It is not so long time ago I found connection with my heart and now I follow what I feel here. My journey oges through freediving, veganism, loving healthy food, loving my body and falling deep in love with ocean. I found strong connection with dolphins, with their wisdom and energy. It lead me to aquahealing. I am so grateful I opened this door to live even my soul. I really feel aquahealing as my vocation. I feel it is really important to reconnect peoples with mother earth, with their bodies, hearts and souls through healing their bodies. I can´t explain how strong feeling it is, I just can follow it. It makes me happy as nothing other.

Well I just wish to share my passion, happiness and gift with you and enjoy, what the life bring to me ..

Freediving as my passion..

Nowadays I am focused on aquatic body work and the main point of it is called Watsu. Watsu is made of two words – Water – Shiatsu and it was based at 1980 by Harold Dull in USA. IT is amazing way how to free your body in water with harmony of your breathe. I join few pictures from Watsu sessions to let you imagine how it looks.


Watsu used smooth movement of whole body. It mobilize joints, spin, relaxe muscles and facies. Watsu is the deepest relaxation, which you can enjoy, cause you are floating without feeling of gravity in water with temperature of 34-35°C. Thanks to shiatsu, Watsu harmonize you energy, release energy blocks in body and let you live trough feeling of safety in your body and in this life and world. Repeated session has deep impact into your recognizing of yourself, your  body and emotions. I can also offer my care as relaxing massage, which can heal and nourish your body and mind.



I have few possibilities where to come for Watsu. We can manage it in Prague or in Teplice in North Czech. I will be so grateful to meet you in water or on land to share my heart, knowledges and connection with water and God.

Just contact me on :

phone: +420608559311

e-mail: monika.schagererova@gmail.com

With love La-Eywa